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Every year, ASA organizes a day trip to the Hague to discover its international institutions and this year is no exception. So mark your calendars as our 2022 yearly day trip to the Hague is taking place Monday 2nd of March. Here is the planning for the day: leaving around 8 AM at Amsterdam Centraal. We will first be visiting Eurojust, the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation, at 10 AM. Then, we will walk to see the ICTY, the OPCW, and the Mandela Freedom Monument. An optional lunch at a nearby cafe will follow. Trip back to Amsterdam around 1 PM, depending on the time spent on location. Another institution might be added to our program, in which case we will of course keep you informed!

This trip is for ASA Members only (you can still become a member if you fill out the form over on our website) and is limited to 20 people so make sure to register:

The Hague Trip 2022 - 2nd of May 2022

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